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Grilling Your Way To Health

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Grilling is a healthy way of cooking food. Just make sure you follow these grilling tips:

Grill vegetables more often

You reduce your chances of developing cancer by eating more grilled veggies than meat.  This is because plant-based foods have very high phytochemicals. Moreover, there are many kinds of vegetables that are known to mitigate the spread of cancer.

Control the heat

When grilling, turn it to low heat.  This way, you cook your steak more evenly and avoid immediate charring of the surface of the slab. Also, it’s best to oil the rack first if you are putting your slab directly onto it.  To avoid burning your steak from uncontrolled flare-ups, put your meat on a foil and don’t put them directly on the grill.  Be sure to poke holes through the foil so the unhealthy fat doesn’t collect on it.

Grill fresh meat or seafood

Choose fresh meat, seafood, or vegetables.  Forget about grilling hot dogs and other meats that have been cured or laden with preservatives.  Fresh is best and you are sure that you aren’t ingesting chemicals.

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